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3 Ways Evolution Of Smooth Is Taking Over

Millions Of Millennial Women

The founder of Evolution of Smooth designed the brand specifically with the young female demographic in mind. With years of experience working with Pepsi, she had a strong understanding of how to appeal to young people and chose to market specifically to them. EOS lip balm comes in many different flavors and only uses natural ingredients. Millennial women are environmentally conscious and want to know what they buy will reflect the values they hold so deeply.. EOS reflects their interests perfectly. Read the full article on

Taking Social Media By Storm

Social media has changed the way companies market their products, and EOS was one of the first on the block to play up the potential of social media. Throughout Twitter, Instagram, and just about every other social media site you can find pictures and videos of celebrities using white spheres of EOS lip balm. Seeing their favorite celebrities use EOS products functions as a sort of “word of mouth” campaign for EOS. Additionally, EOS has a strong product placement campaign in popular media. There are plenty of music videos by stars like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj using EOS lip balm.

The Future Of A Brand

With the lip balm market fully under wraps, it appears as if Evolution of Smooth has plans on expanding even further. There are currently EOS lotions and soaps available for purchase. Like the company’s lip balm these offer personal care using only natural ingredients and often come with the same variety. There are mint lotions and raspberry soaps available. To maximize its profits EOS has automated its factories as much as possible. This ultimately makes Evolution of Smooth a model for the future of business. As EOS takes over more companies will adapt similar marketing methods to keep up. Check out the company’s website,



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