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5-Year Event Lovaganza Seeks To Promote Global Unity

The age that we are living in has ushered in some social and economic difficulties. Because the world is so connected through technology like smartphones and the internet more people than ever are able to receive news about all of the good and all of the bad things that are happening around the world. For many of us this means that we can become overwhelmed by things that are less than positive. In times like these it can help to turn our focus to things and events that are positive. One of the ways that many people do this is by turning to art. Though many people view the arts and entertainment as frivolous pursuits they are actually powerful tools for easing people’s emotional and mental anguish in addition to promoting togetherness and positivity. One organization that is harnessing the power of the arts to promote the common good are the organizers behind a global multi-year event known as Lovaganza.

Lovaganza is an international entertainment franchise that is promoting the appreciation of culture, dance, music and film over a five year period that began in 2015. Lovaganza looks as though it will be a history-making undertaking given the sheer scale of the event alone. According to a video posted by the event’s organizers to the Lovaganza website, from now until the year 2020 there will be motion pictures, exhibitions, and shows held in 50 cities’ in various countries. It would seem that the minds behind Lovaganza are attempting to cultivate a multi-year symphony of sorts that is comprised of music and art. According to the Lovaganza website this symphony of art will reach its high point on September 14th 2020. While Lovaganza will likely draw from a large number of art forms and mediums in its final iteration, a simple search on the event yields videos and images of what appears to be an expansive cinematic project.

The Lovaganza films appear to be period pieces with aesthetics that look as though they are inspired by America and Western Europe during between the 1920s and the 1940s. There are some scenes that are clearly inspired by photographs taken during The Great Depression of the 1920s while other scenes from the master trailer show events that could have happened during the 1920s or 1940s in a Mediterranean European country. Many of the scenes in general seem to depict times in American history that we often romanticize such as the 1950s. One influence that is pervasive throughout the films are references to events known as World Fairs that used to bring together people from many backgrounds in the early part of the 20th century. It would seem that Lovaganza is calling upon the success and popularity of world fairs to support its mission of promoting global unity.

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