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A Review of 2016 Conferences Being Organized by the Wessex Institute of Technology

Conferences offer the best platform for intellectuals to share ideas concerning issues that affect humanity. Southampton-based Wessex Institute of Technology has distinguished itself in the world of academia by organizing mind-evoking conferences. According to Linkedin, Wessex Institute of Technology has an excellent reputation of organizing successful academic conferences in different parts of the world. This is in line with the institution’s global objective, which is to transfer knowledge to humanity. The following are some of the conferences that WIT is organizing this year.

The 2016 Sustainable Development and Planning Conference

The institution is currently planning the 8th International Conference on Sustainable Planning and Development, which will be held in Malaysia from 6th to 8th December. This conference seeks to establish the role of planning and development in meeting the needs of the society without affecting future generations. It will similarly highlight common planning problems with a view of finding permanent solutions to them. The seminar will center on the topics of city planning, rural development, and regional planning among others.

The 2016 MARAS Conference

This symposium will be held from 21st to 23rd September in Siena, Italy. Organizers are inviting submissions on topics related to disaster mitigation structures, rapidly constructed and mobile bridges, temporary dwellings and structures, and origami based folding structures, among others. The conferences seeks to find sustainable means of providing the homeless with long-lasting homes at pocket friendly rates.

The 8th International Conference on Science and Engineering

The Wessex Institute of Technology intends to hold this conference in New Forest, UK from 13th to 15th September. The organizers hope to build on the success that the preceding 7 conferences have had. This is a highly popular convention, which attracts participants from different parts of the world. It seeks to unravel the role of nature in modern methodical thought and design.

WIT recognizes that nature has given researchers deep insight about solving inherent scientific and engineering problems. The conference will therefore address issues related to the importance of natural processes to scientific thought. The popularity that this conference has is attributed to its interdisciplinary nature. It brings together biologists, physical scientists, medical experts, and social scientists. This year it will address a variety of topics including mechanics in nature, and learning from nature.

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