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According To The BBB, Securus Tells The Truth

There is a good reason that Securus Technologies has achieved the highly sought after accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The telecommunications company stands out amongst its peers for honesty, transparency and the ability to establish trust. What is most impressive about the newly acquired accreditation is the difficult environment in which the company does business.


Securus provides telephone and internet services, but they are not a company in which you are likely to do business with unless you are in prison. That is because this company provides those services to prisons and jails exclusively. Here is how this cutthroat business works.


Securus and a handful of other telecommunications companies all bid for contracts. The government contracts make the winners of the bidding process the exclusive provider of services to a particular facility. Many of the other telecommunications companies install themselves as a monopoly upon the prison and begin to abuse the position of power. The cost of telephone calls immediately goes through the roof, and customer satisfaction suffers.


While other companies misrepresent themselves by providing terrible services and enforcing a bevy of hidden fees, Securus continues to tell the truth. A part of the BBB accreditation process includes An investigation into the honesty of the company. The BBB has found that Securus accurately represents its products and services to the customer.


Prisoners who are lucky enough to be housed in a prison that is it serviced by Securus give positive reviews of the company’s telephone call quality and internet services. Securus makes it incredibly easy to communicate with the outside world. Pricing is transparent, fair and easy to pay through the newly acquired JPay technology. And unlike many other companies, Securus has never been accused of foul play when it comes to charging its customer base. Simply put, Securus tells the truth.


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