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Adam Milstein Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American real estate investor. He is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, and a co-founder of Israeli-American Council, where he as been named Chairman in 2015. The non-profit organization represents over 250,000 Israeli-Americans across the United States, and helps strengthen the Jewish identity for future generations.

Milstein moved to the United States alongside his wife in 1981, and studied at the University of Southern California, earning an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Prior to moving, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Business Management from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Positioning himself as a vocal defender of the Jewish people, Adam Milstein has contributed financially to a number of pro-Jewish causes. He continues working in order to restore the Jewish pride, and even made it possible for the young Jewish-Americans to visit Israel. He is also known for his fight against anti-Semitism.

The Jewish-American population is only 2% of the American population, which means that increased efforts are necessary in order to protect and defend the rights of such a small minority. Anti-Semitism is still a present force, and it exists in a number of forms. Historically it has resulted in some of the darkest moments, the Jewish people being mistreated and discriminated against.

His experience living in Israel and later in the United States has taught him the need to speak out against injustices. He noted the connection between the ideological extremism and anti-Semitism, pointing out that although different in many aspects, the far-left and far-right seems to agree in their views of Judaism across the world. Adam Milstein writes that Jewish people should pay attention to anti-Semitism that can result from unlikely radical alliances. He notes that there is a difference between tolerating those who have different viewpoints and tolerating people who actively hate other groups.

While anti-Semitism has never disappeared entirely, efforts are being made in order to create a more just world, Adam Milstein being an individual that has not been afraid to take a stand and speak out in order to both preserve the Jewish traditions, and to fight off anti-Semitism.