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Alex Hern’s Success and the Mindset that Makes him a Thriving Entrepreneur

Alex Hern is an entrepreneur that has invested in developing companies. His focus has mainly been on technology where he has caused a significant influence through the tech companies he has overseen. Alex has not only managed some of these companies but also has he founded them and been part of their core executives teams.Alex Hern has been one of the entrepreneurs who began Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT), YESM, Military Commercial Technologies, and many other tech companies. He has also co-founded security companies that also use technology. From his investment of time and other resources into such companies, we can easily derive that Alex is an entrepreneur that is greatly fascinated by technology.

San Diego based Tsunami XR has Alex Hern as its co-founder. Tsunami is involved in developing software applications aimed at assisting business ventures globally. The idea came from the need for new and relevant software items that would be pertinent as technology evolved from one stage to another. Alex understood that this was important mainly due to the constant development of computers. Alex Hern has unique habits that he reveals to be his secrets of success. He is usually alert at night where he spends time developing ideas on new or existing applications his company makes. Alex likes the night because it is the time where there is the least distraction from people. Alex is also always focused, a characteristic Alex Hern admits to being difficult to institute.

Another secret that Alex Hern discovered is that in entrepreneurship one should not be excited about overnight success. With this in mind, Alex was able to develop a habit of making long-term goals and carefully developing short-term goals and decisions that were strategic to achieving his overall vision. He advises people interested in entrepreneurship never to fear failure. Alex believes that multitasking is a huge hindrance to the success of any individual. One cannot be on their phones throughout the day and expect to build useful and productive relationships with others. He advises any goal-oriented person to turn of their phones for several hours daily to spend time connecting with those around them.

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