All about the Software Guru Glen Wakeman

After a long and lucrative career in finance and business, which spanned two decades, Glen Wakeman decided it was time to be his own boss. He is today the CEO of LaunchPad Holding LLC. The SAAS Company was co-founded by him and other in 2015.

Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981 with a BS in Economics and Finance. He also holds an MBA in Finance that he got from the University of Chicago in 1993. He then began a career in P&L and business development positions, which was quite successful. He later moved on to GE Capital. It was at the latter where he became the CEO and president as well as chair of the Board. Besides that, Wakeman presided over Nova Four while working at GE. He earned recognition as a growth leadership role model by the board.

During his long career, Glen Wakeman has been an entrepreneur as well as a mentor. He helped to revolutionize businesses that have over 17,000 staff members and more than $15 billion in assets. His efforts have included providing guidance to M&As, start-ups, divestitures, new market entry, and much more. He usually applies his successful methodology in five key areas of human capital, leadership, risk management, governance, and execution.

Wakeman is also a writer. He is able to share his views via regular blog posts on various issues such as emerging markets, management and administration, fiscal issues, strategy, and many others. As a mentor, Wakeman has played a crucial role in the development of various C-level executive (http://blogwebpedia.com/glen-wakeman-dubbed-secret-weapon-top-entrepreneurs.html/). Today, he counsels Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.

Other topics on which Wakeman likes to blog on, our world affairs, leadership, and business transformation. He has a major passion for innovativeness, growth, and executive development.

Glen Wakeman has seen quite a lot in his life. He has been to over six countries and overseen operation is in more than 30 regions globally. He has earned recognition globally for his excellence as an executive working for different firms around the world. You would be wise to read some of the words of wisdom he posts on his blog.

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