An Explanation as To Why Freedom Checks Are Not a Scam

An Explanation as To Why Freedom Checks Are Not a Scam

The senior director at Bayan Hill and investments guru as well as an expert Geologist, Matt Badiali recently launched the freedom checks. There have been regular commercials in which Badiali himself is promoting the idea promising that the checksĀ  investors earns a whole lot of money. People have been quick to criticize the freedom checks and call them a scam or insinuating that they are against the law, which is far from the truth.

The truth behind freedom checks

In order to understand the legitimacy of the checks and how checks work, you have to get introduced to the Maters Limited Partnerships. There are 658 companies in the United States that are part of the exclusive Masters Limited Partnerships. There companies are mostly in the areas of natural gas and oil production and they all fit the requirements described under statute 26-F of the US constitution and federal laws. These companies are those whose investors do not get taxed for the amount they earn from the company made profits . This means that the investors in these companies are part of a Masters Limited Partnership, they enjoy all the perks enjoyed by investors in a Limited Partnership but also enjoy the fact that they do not pay any tax at all for their profit earnings.

The only time the law requires them to pay tax is when they sell their shares but even then, the amount that they have to pay is way less compared to the normal taxed amount or percentage.The reason these companies operate like this is that the government saw it wise to exempt their investors from taxation so that they can attract more investors to the natural resources sector. The aim is to reduce the dependence of the country on other countries, especially for natural resources.Freedom Checks, therefore, are the cash payments that these companies give to their investors. They are usually offered on a quarterly basis or at the mid of the year. A freedom check can be cashed at any a financial institution like a bank or be re invested in any other company.

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