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An Insight on Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the Chief Executive Officer at Zinio LLC. He previously worked as the Chief Executive Officer at NaviSite. He is also one of the co-founders of Atlantic Investors, LLC. Arthur once served as the Vice Chairman and Director at the ClearBlue Technologies Inc. He also worked at the Vera Wang Fashion Company as the Senior Advisor where he was able to serve for seven years. Arthur went on to become a private investor in technology and real estate after Time Warmer had bought NaviSite Inc. Arthur has been a managing member of the Madison Technologies LLC where he has served for many years.

Arthur Becker is recognized by as one of the best investors in New York due to his involvement in real estate. Arthur recently bought a valuable investment property at the Sullivan Street. He is the owner of 3 townhouses which are strategically located in Sullivan. Arthur has been able to earn himself a reputation as a tech expert. He knows how to find investment opportunities that are profitable. This is what has led to his success. Arthur serves as the Chairman at Zinio LLC. The company is involved in digital magazines distribution.

The position that Arthur held at NaviSite as the CEO is what propelled his career. He has been able to acquire extensive experience and expertise in both the industry of real estate and technology. Arthur has been able to use the tech industry to create his fortune. He is a good example that one can find success in multiple sectors. Arthur has been termed as an excellent colleague in every firm. Arthur has led several companies to acquire general growth and success. Arthur owns a BA which he acquired at the Bennington College in 1972. He also studied Business at the Tuck School of Business located in Dartmouth where he cleared in 1974.

Arthur Becker has attributed his success to passion, commitment, discipline, and hard work. He has grown to become one of the most successful people in the industry of technology and real estate over the years.

To learn more about Mr. Becker, visit his Linked In profile.

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