An Overview of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Clinical Pathways is an example of Oncology Treatment Platforms in America. The platform is a product of a partnership between Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Allscrips and NantHealth. This is a custom technical solution that offers accesses to clinical workflows as well as clinical decision support solutions. The platform ensures that he clinical workflow of a physician goes on without any interruptions. The platform is used to inform the process of treating cancer.

The cancer care data has always been evolving and the input in this program is from hundreds of oncologists across America. A wide range of cancer treatment options are available in the Clinical Pathways platform. In addition to that, clinicians are able to access new data and oncology research. Therefore, the new information eliminates instances of guesswork. Oncologists are able to come up with care protocols using recent cancer research, complementary therapies and treatment regimens that are available on the Clinical Pathways platform. Apart from reducing variability in care through enhancement of quality and efficiency, the program guarantees greater transparency in the selection of cancer therapies.

About CTCA

There are up to five major cancer treatment centers under CTCA. The hospitals are located in Oklahoma, Tulsa, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. The cancer centers in these metropolitan areas have cancer experts that deliver both personalized and comprehensive care to cancer patients using advanced treatments and leading-edge technologies. The centers apply conventional approaches like chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery in an integrative treatment to deliver quality care to cancer patients.

In addition to that, the centers are involved in the management of cancer-related side-effects by offering evidence-based supportive therapies. The personalized approach adopted by these centers has been of great benefit to many patients. In general, these centers offer all the services that cancer patient might require under one roof.

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