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An Overview Of Equities First Holdings Wikipedia Profile

Renowned for their genius for financing, Equities First Holdings serves as a financial mentor, offering “non-purpose financing” solutions to corporations and individuals alike. Realized by Al Christy in 2002, Equities First Holdings was the result of Christy’s desire to craft a company that took an unconventional approach to financial affairs. Leveraging his experience as a business owner, Christy artfully formulated EFH as an attempt to “efficiently supply liquidity” to consumers in need. Since coming to fruition, Equities First Holdings has made tremendous strides in their domain, completing 700 transactions within the first year of business. Equities First Holdings rapidly became a powerhouse in the financing realm, allowing their operations to transcend America’s borders. In fact, EFH currently has offices in Thailand, China, United Kingdom, Singapore, Bangkok, and London. Given their eminence in both domestic and foreign markets, EFH can anticipate long-lived prosperity.

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