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Andy Chats with KCRW about the Dry Winter.

The last season was arid at the ski resort. Most people found it tough there and yet many of them are not used to dry winters. It was one of the driest winters which have ever been recorded the history of the united state. One of the radio KCRW got involved, and they decided to interview one of the man called Andy Wirth the CEO and the president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings on a program Press Play which is hosted by Madeleine Brand.

The man is known a known as Andy. I listened to him very careful because I also wanted to know what they are going to do to avoid it in the next season. He began by saying even though the winters were not conducive and as expected he could still survive in a couple of seasons, which were similar to this. Although it was tough, they made it through, but they did not get the results as they normally can in the average weathers.

According to Andy, the area is about 6000 acres, but only 4000 were occupied this provided a space for them. None of the recreational activities changed, in fact, they had a fan, as usual; this should not hinder people from going to this ski resort or improving the entertainment people can still have fun here. Read more: Season 4 Episode 11 – Squaw Valley – Undercover Boss Photos: Andy Wirth and How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Currently, we do not know what even to expect whether rains or snow everything is complicated, but the probability of getting cold winter is high.

Recently the science has increased, and people are even able to make snow using it and maintaining it. In the future, the increased volatile weather is expected to rise; this will make the investors who know how to make snow invest more on it. In the case of dry snow, the investors will be able to make as many flurries of snow as possible.

We do not know what will happen the weather may even change for the next twenty years this call the investors to invest more in the snow business. They are also building more summer celebrations grounds where people can meet for parties like wedding and enjoy without any barrier.

People are trying to adapt to the weather changes they are changing the structure of their businesses daily so that they can be able to catch up with the Weather patterns. According to Andy Wirth, they have been actively working with the energy industries so that they can be able to keep the on to the seasons.

He said that he has always been prepared for a variation of weather even before he went out of the country and later came back he had been well preparing. This has helped him a lot.

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