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Andy Wirth’s Immense Contribution at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings

Andy Wirth is credited with the transformation of the skiing sector owing to his business acumen. When he joined the Squaw Valley back in 2010, he immediately fell in love with skydiving. The love for skydiving was made fueled after he met J.T Holmes who is a mountain athlete.

J.T quickly introduced him to Red Bull athlete Sean McCormick who is a big fan of skydiving. The ever jovial Chief Executive officer and president of Squaw Valley did his first skydiving adventure in the spring of 2011 and completely fell in love with skydiving.  Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfSquawValley/posts/10152191670133708

He continued skydiving each time he got the time off his busy schedule and performed different styles. The 13th of October 2013 is one of the days that he will never forget in his life. The day before, he had gone down to Davis in California with a couple of friends to enjoy his favorite sport. Due to the winds, the drop zone at Davis was shut down, and the team had to drive to the drop zone in Lodi.

Although it was still windy, Andy Wirth had been here before and was confident that everything would be okay. Unfortunately, the pilot flew dangerous flight zone which made things difficult for him after he had jumped off the plane. He hit a pole with the right arm which tore into his arm all the way from the shoulder down to his mid-forearm. Fortunately having been backcountry ranger helped him save his hand before the medical team came and helped keep it.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. His contribution has made the resort one of the best and most visited tourist destinations in the world. After his accident back in 2013, he helped in establishing Wounded Warrior Support.

The Ironman team helps with fundraising in support of Navy Seals and their families under the Navy Seal Foundation. Andy Wirth has been appointed by Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation as the chairperson of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. Under the leadership of Wirth, the Airport Authority will benefit from his business acumen and help in the production of better and quality services for the people of the United States of America.

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