Barbara Stokes: Woman Entrepreneur

Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Alabama’s Green Structure Homes. As the CEO, she has overseen a lot of projects involving disaster relief construction. Barbara Stokes always has the customer’s safety in mind when designing, building, and installing homes and building from Green Structure Homes. After winning a $28 million contract to build homes and other buildings in Texas after the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Barbara Stokes made sure that the ones her company provided would stand up better in case of a disaster than the buildings that were there before. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes believes that it is exceptionally important to make sure that there is a balance between work and home life, but thinks that it’s really enjoyable when she finds a way to combine the two. An example is the fact that her office has a pet bunny as a kind of unofficial mascot. She finds that it helps open up communication and puts everyone in a better mood overall. Employees are their most productive when they are happy with their jobs so little things like office pets can really help and boost morale. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Another recommendation of Barbara Stokes is to make sure that the company is focused on growth. One of the steps that can be taken is to just work on boosting the morale of the team. Keeping employees happy when they are at work will ensure that they do better work because they actually enjoy their jobs. She knows that her team members are the most important part of the company so he makes sure that she provides them with the best experience that she can.

Barbara Stokes is a strong supporter of women in business and STEM and is excited that they are growing in numbers so fast in recent years. Green Structure Homes is a woman-owned business with a strong leader at the helm. This fact allowed her access to certain programs which is what initially introduced her to the government contracts. This opportunity along with having a strong company led to the successful business that it is today.


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