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Beauty and Fashion Blogger Emily McClure Shares The Results From Using WEN

Nothing speaks like a bad hair day and so Emily McClure wanted to know if WEN cleansing conditioner really works as it says it can. Using Wen hair cleansing conditioner for seven days and documenting with pictures each day for her followers. WEN is an all in one shampoo, conditioner and styling product.
From day one she used the recommended amount of the product to make sure she gave WEN the benefit of the trial. It was triple the amount she was used to using on her fine hair. The very first time using the product she felt that her hair seemed thicker. She loved how it was shiny and full of body after blow drying her hair.

Each day she was impressed how her hair felt, however she noticed her hair going flat before the day ended but she wasn’t bothered by that. It was noticeable that her hair was still shiny and healthy looking at the end of the day and she was impressed on how it looked.

On day four she had to miss one morning as she was running late. She stated that her hair was greasy ball. She stated that she was thankful she worked in a salon and was able to use a dry shampoo to make it through the day. It was noted that she had to shampoo each morning to have the shiny hair as she liked. By day five she felt that it was the first time that week when she was totally confident about how her hair looked.

By day seven she knew she would need to shampoo each morning while using WEN Hair products. She stated that if you were a bit lazy like herself in the morning, you may not want this go-to product. She stated that while her hair was fabulous when shampooing each morning, she couldn’t miss a morning or her hair would be really greasy and unmanageable. It was a love/hate relationship with WEN that week she shared. She said she would use this product again when she wanted a bit more shine if she could get out of bed earlier than usual.

Chaz Dean created the products in 1993. He was a stylist at a Los Angeles salon. He wanted a innovative product that would give his clients long term effects. He wanted to have a natural product and include natural herbs and botanical that would enhance hair by adding shine and strength to hair. He sells Wen Hair products on Amazon.

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