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Being a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard

Wine is an amazing thing since the beginning of time. Some love selling it while others love drinking it. There are just others out there who love wine tasting. With Traveling Vineyard, it has incorporated the idea of wine tasting in a more relaxed environment to make sure that their consumers enjoy the wine in a more calm environment. This is done by guides.

These are the people Traveling Vineyard trains and support until they feel comfortable to venture out on their own. The guides have an easy time making money from home. They set out in the community to share their love for wines with others which allows them to make friends in the process of getting money too. Sometimes the guides make some crazy amounts of cash from this wine tasting venture.

This idea of Traveling Vineyard was founded in 2001 by Rick Libby, and it has grown since to have a workforce of about 1000 employees. It has its headquarters at Ipswich in Massachusetts. The idea was to train guides to have successful jobs while at home outside the usual traditional routine. The potential guides usually send an application to show their interest. Then, they are paired with someone who has been in the game for quite a while. He or she helps answers questions that they might have or even allows the guide to visit one of the events to learn how the job is exactly conducted. If anyone chooses to be a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard, they sign up, and then they are given what is called a success kit. This kit contains two tasting sets of five bottles of wine, tasting glasses, carrying case, a bottle carrier that holds up to six bottles and most importantly the Sommology Kit.

The benefits that come with being a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard are just many. Firstly, you will be able to create your work schedule at home. Also, you will be able to get some high-quality wines to sell to friends and relatives among many other interested parties. The ability to make new friends is also a plus factor in this line of job. Indeed working as a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard is fun, flexible and offers freedom.

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