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Beneful Variety Is Booming

I like Beneful because the variety is bountiful. Everyone seems to really embrace a brand like this because it is has so much for people to consider. I have seen the benefits of this food for my dogs, and I know that they are getting something great with each new treat.
Variety is the key. I start with the PurinaStore’s best selling product called Beneful Originals because this is what I have always used. I have had several dogs, and I know that you cannot go wrong with the Beneful Originals with Real Beef. They are appeased with this, and they would probably eat it every day. I like to give them variety though. I start with Beneful Originals on Sunday. By Tuesday I switch things up with the Chopped Medleys.

The Chopped Medleys are a variety all on its own. There are some vegetable blends. Others have medleys with fruit. I pick a special one on every Tuesday because this is my attempt to give them something nutritious.

By Thursday I am incorporating the Beneful Baked Snacks. I have a Beagle and she just loves the Beef and Cheese snacks. These are called Hugs. I think that this is a good treat for her.

I used to consider the Benefits of Beneful Healthy Weight when she was obese, but not my Beagle is back to a regular size. I used to give her Beneful Healthy Weight every single day, and cutting the calories really worked. When I started back with the other meals I reverted to the Beneful Beef Stew. This was an interesting change, and I thought that my dog might like this. This is still her Friday evening treat.

My beagle seems to have a preference for the dry food, but there are wet meals ( that she will eat as well. That is what is great about Beneful. There are some meals for the pets that like the dry food meals, and there are bountiful meals for the ones that want something wet. I have tried other competitors, but product is the best one out there. These food creators are very health conscious.

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