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Bernardo Chua and the Impact of Organo Gold

Considered to be one of the top names in the direct sales industry, Bernardo Chua has made a huge name for himself as an entrepreneur and business man. A native of the Philippines, Chua has worked for years in marketing.

He is responsible for beginning the company Organo Gold, a company that has produced a number of successful healthy coffee’s and teas. His work continues to make an impact on the world in many ways.

Bernardo Chua has been responsible for two major companies throughout his career, Gano Excel and currently,Organo Gold. He has produced a lot of his success by using the mushroom ganoderma. Chua’s Chinese roots allowed him to discover the benefits of ganoderma at a very early age.

Those that beleive in the herb, believe it has many health benefits including but not limited to boosting immunity, helping with weight loss, fighting fatigue and improving memory. Bernardo Chua is one of the first people to market and use ganoderma with coffees and teas.

Chua has become an avid believer in the direct sales model. This model has allowed him to quickly grow his business locally in the Philippines and expand globally. His success leads him to believe that this model is the best way to build a business. His vision has been to create a large variety of healthy products including healthy bioactive coffee products containing ganoderma.

Today Bernado Chua spends much of his time focused on Organo Gold. Organo has an emphasis on organic coffee. They use less sugar in their products. The company is also know for taking care of it’s employees with an excellent compensation program and very strong training system. The companies trainings are archived, and available on an on-going basis. They even have their own university website: OGuniversity.

Chua has started from very little and built a successful company. His current company Organo Gold continues to make healthy products that are used across the globe. Chua’s impact will clearly be felt for years to come.

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