Betsy Devos foundation and her Philanthropic efforts

Betsy Devos is an innovator and a leader who was born in the year 1958 in the United States of America. She is married to Dick DeVos, and they have four children. She is the 11th United States secretary of education, a politician as well as a businesswoman. Devos family is among the wealthiest families in America. Her husband is the former chief executive officer of the marketing company called Multi-level.


Betsy Devos is a member of the Republican Party where she was committeewoman and later became chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. She is famous in the education sector because of her support in many areas including voucher programs and charter in schools.


Betsy Devos is the chairwoman of Windquest Company that she owns with her husband. The family company works privately and invested in the area of technology, manufacturing as well as clean energy. As a businesswoman, Devos has invested in various sectors together with her husband. They were producers of a stage play called scandalous.


Betsy Devos is a giver. Devos and her husband are charitable people to the less fortunate. She has started a program that enables children who are from communities that are less fortunate to increase their attendance rate. She is ethical despite the fact that she is a politician. What they donate goes to education sectors, faith institutions, health services and also community services. She has been of great help to people through her association and partnership with organizations; she has been able to help them to access basic needs like shelter, food, get employment and many others.


Betsy Devos has succeeded in changing the story of Mel Trotter who had no place to call home into being a lucky woman. Betsy Devos and her husband are founders of hospitals that have helped many students in their higher learning.


Betsy Devos philanthropy work is outstanding. She has funded students in their education. She has also been part of those movements that are said to be radical and their support to the same. Her work is extensive, and she has given millions political donations. Their philanthropic activities include that of both chairing a family foundation. This consists of the record for the support they gave to school choice in Michigan. Their family foundation has two Christian schools that are private. The schools offer funds and scholarships to those children who are needy so that they can attend some of the private schools in the US.


Betsy Devos work is admirable. Her commitment to essential ideal in the society has been proven. Her foundations have been well established, and its programs focus on good leadership that leads to community development. Betsy is the defender of Christianity, and she is concerned about political views. She is known of funding candidates vying for various positions. Betsy is a role model to many people in the world.


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