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Brian Torchin – meeting the chiropractic staffing needs of organizations.

Brian Torchin is a certified, educated and successful chiropractic practitioner. He boasts of a BSc in Pre-med degree and other licenses necessary to work as chiropractic professional. He started a chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia where he worked to ease the suffering and pain of his many patient’s thanks to his intricate knowledge in chiropractic.

Brian Torchin desire to avail organizations with the right staff to carry out their daily affairs saw him form HCRC staffing. This is a human resource company that seeks to hire the right personnel to meet the needs of corporations.

HCRC serves a wide range of clientele. Its clients include more than 200 law firms, healthcare companies, and hospitals. The company staffs these organizations with the right physicians, physical therapists, nurses, caregivers, chiropractors and dentists among others.

The firms seek HCRC to help them fill vacancies primarily due to the benefits associated with using them when staffing. HCRC can deliver professionals with the right qualifications to meet the organizational needs of individual organizations. Learn more about Brian Torchin at

Furthermore, HCRC has a wide range of database from different places hence whenever a company has a vacancy, HCRC does not start looking for potential candidates from scratch. Instead, they match the requirements of the firm with the qualifications of their already existing list of candidates.

This helps HCRC capable of delivering the right staff within 72 hours. Moreover, companies can benefit from HCRC expertise of having been staffing for organizations for some years. Using HCRC is like having an experienced HR department without having it in the payroll even when the HR services are not necessary.

Brian Torchin’s work has not gone without recognition. His work has seen him feature in some media outlets for some reasons. Digital Journal featured him in their release of May 2013. Furthermore, did a piece on him in October of 2014. In the article, the outlet acknowledged Brian for transforming the chiropractic industry and shining limelight on it. also did a piece that highlighted how Brian Torchin had been successfully filling vacancies in organizations by recruiting chiropractors for them in October 2014. Similarly, featured an article on him that showed how he is instrumental in meeting staffing requirements of healthcare organizations.

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