Casio Audi Manifested Dedication in His Early Music Career

Cassio Audi is a financial advisor. He boasts more than 23 years’ experience, working with internationally recognized firms. An interesting fact about him is that he had a music career long before he pursued business. He was very good at drums that most people thought he would make a lifetime career out of it.

His Participation

Casio Audi was a founding member of Viper rock band. His band members were Pit Passarell, who played the bass guitar, and Yves Pasarell, who played the lead guitar. Other members were Andre Matos, who was the singer and Felipe Machado, a guitarist. The band emerged in the year 1985. The music that they made was inspired by Iron Maiden and the heavy metal music from Britain. Casio Audi made major contributions to the band’s first demo. It comprised of three tracks: Nightmare, Killera, and Princess from Hell. With a few adjustments, these songs formed the band’s first album named the Soldiers of Sunrise, which was released in 1987. Despite English being the second language of the band members, the album illustrated their musical capabilities well. Casio Audi displayed good performances on the drums during the album tours. The tracks found on the album have since been redone over the years since the launching. The band members’ relentless efforts were awarded by Allmusic through a four-star rating.

Exit from the Band

The second album from the band was named the Theatre of Fate. Casio Audi participated in the preparation stages. He, however, left the music industry before it was released in 1989. He was succeeded by Sergio Facci on the drums. Casio Audi moved on to join the globally known Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo the same year he left the Viper band. He pursued a course in business administration where he attained a degree. He started a career in finance after completing his studies.

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