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Charlamagne Tha God Writes and Expands His Entertainment Platform

For Charlamagne That God it is all about striking while the iron is hot. It feels easy for someone like Charlamagne Tha God to express himself when it comes to what is going on in his personal life. He has always been the radio host that has been open to sharing what he feels about relationships with children and spouses because he has been doing this for so long. In some ways he may even look at this time on the radio as a bit of therapy. He talks about issues that are going on in his life, and he is ready to provide a conversation platform about an array of different topics. He open dialect on relationships, anger, anxiety, self esteem and social media is what he tends to take on when it comes to creating an interview with anyone that comes on his morning show.

There have been a number of interviews that Charlamagne Tha God has taken on that have gone viral. He is this type of person that has a lot of hype behind his name, and this made selling books easy. He is working on his second book right now, called “Anxiety is Playing Tricks on Me,” and it is sure to be a bestseller. In this new book Charlamagne has a desire to talk about anxiety, and he touches on therapy. This is a subject that is rarely ever talked about in society for black people. It is something that he wanted to put an emphasis on because he feels that more therapy is needed even though many black people are not taking time to get this therapy.

He feels that there is growth in the amount of violence that is happening, and it is only getting worse because these feelings are being suppressed. He feels that few people know about the methods for getting the proper help. This equates to a growing number of crimes by people that are in positions where they are not being nurtured. Charlamagne Tha God believes that talking out your problems can do a tremendous amount of good for someone that may be struggling with life issues.

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