Company Makes Online Ordering Of Property Reports Easy

Responding to calls for action stemming from title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc has made property reports easily accessible. Currently, customers can order reports online. Over the years, title defects have become a major concern in the real estate market. Some people believe that these anomalies are the genesis of wrongful foreclosures. Others feel that they add to stagnation on what would otherwise be a successful transition of assets, particularly in the secondary market. Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) executives note that property records are important in reducing the risk of inability to foreclose and ensuring clear title conveyance.

NTC is a top document processing and research provider for companies engaged in the mortgage and financial sectors. The firm has made the process of acquiring property reports easy. Recently, NTC developed a reorganized website, which enables people to process their reports through the platform.

Title defects occur when an entity claims a property that they do not own. However, there are other reasons that can lead to title defects. They include simple matters like wording on the document, failure to include a signature of the people integral to the transaction, previous liens, and failure to follow recording procedures.

According to John Hillman, it is advisable that one addresses the issues of title defects before selling his or her property. Hillman is NTC’s CEO. To help the growing mortgage industry, the company has made tax status report and current owner report available online. It has also made it easy for people to access assignment-verification report services and tax-status property reports by ordering for them through the online platform. NTC has made it its objective to hasten the process of acquiring property reports. The firm’s property report services originate from research, which is carried out using actual land records. These reports are available for any residential property around the country.

The company gets data from several sources, including the counties. This information comprises of automation and human verification reports. The practice has enabled NTC to be of great service to the top lenders in the U.S. NTC’s process leads to accurate results, including the intended use of the report. This achievement is attributed to the company’s understanding of the clients need.

About Nationwide Title Clearing

Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately owned company based in Palm Harbor, Florida. Founded in 1991, NTC is currently a leading research and document processing service provider. It offers its services to the financial and residential mortgage industries. The company’s client base is made up of investors and mortgage lenders. NTC is respected for its ability to deliver the highest levels of accuracy in both research services and processing of document.

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