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Contributions of Eli Gershkovitch to the Robust Canadian Craft Beer Industry

Canada’s liberal brewing laws have seen more than 2,000 breweries setting up in the last decade alone. These micro-breweries are famed for producing over 100 unique beer brands and styles. Craft beer from the region is so superbly distilled that it has gained popularity in the US and in Europe. Here are the top three most acclaimed brewing houses in Canada and their trademark beer creations.

  1. Garrison Brewery


This brewery is renowned for producing the distinctive tasting Irish Red Ale craft beer. Its headquarters are at Halifax Seaport District, Nova Scotia (LinkedIn). The established Brewer started operations in 1929 and has remained open since. Garrison brewers also stock raspberry wheat beers, nut brown, and Amber flavored craft beers.


  1. Muskoka Brewery


If you are interested in landing pure ingredients, fresh craft beer, look no further than the Muskoka Brewery in Muskoka, Ontario. This family-run brewery has a vibrant history and culture of producing some of the most-sought-out-after summer ales, winter, and raspberry stouts.


  1. The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company


This vintage Canadian brewer is conveniently nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It is a walking distance away from Canada’s Banff National Park filled with grizzlies. The 20K square foot brewery is renowned for producing some of Canada’s tastiest raspberry ales, light pilsners and decaffeinated sodas for the non-alcohol consumers like children.


Craft Beer Connoisseur, Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is a genuine and certified craft beer aficionado. The Canadian master brewer has spent his entire life mastering the fine art of creating unique beer brands. Eli recently took part in an international beer brewing competition held in Canada. The beer extravaganza witnessed over 6000 unique homebrews facing off against each other in front of the veteran panel. These beers were categorized into groups like lagers, ales, hybrids, non-alcoholic and special, and barrel aged craft beers.


The Brilliant Attorney, Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is an accomplished attorney licensed to practice in Vancouver, Canada. His legal career focuses on beer licensing rules and regulations. Eli owns and runs a quaint little brewery in the village of Gastown, Calgary. His brewery runs on steam and it is aptly titled Steamworks Brewery. Steamworks succeeded in producing only six beers in its first year in service. Today, however, the licensed brewer creates up to 11 quality beers per annum. Eli also opened a pub and an eatery to keep his patrons entertained and satisfied.


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