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Customers rave about the success of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a large telecommunications company that specializes in preventing crime. The company offers a broad range of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for law enforcement officers and prisons to use. Their technology helps keep everyone involved with prisons (from transport officers to wardens) safe. The technology also prevents inmates from harming each other.


Recently, Securus Technologies has been receiving a ton of letters and emails from clients around the United States that rave about the technology they provide. So many law enforcement officers have used their technology to solve crimes and help keep inmates from hurting each other. Richard A. Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, says that the company works hard to release some kind of software or technology every week. Securus Technologies enjoys receiving all of the emails regarding how the technology has helped improve society.


One corrections officer was grateful enough to have Securus Technologies employees help the facility gain information from a cell phone that led to a warrant being issued.


Another facility was able to use their technology to stop drug selling among inmates. Also, they were able to track down threats from inside the prison.


A customer has been using Securus Technologies’s technology for over ten years and continues to rank them as their first choice. The technology is reliable and helps keep crime levels low.


So many other customers have thanked Securus Technologies for assisting them in locating and trading down criminals. Without their help, some criminals could still be innocent and on the run.


Securus Technologies is an American technology company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company works with more than 2,500 prisons around the United States and has over 1000 employees. Securus Technologies has invested more than $500 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions the last few years.


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