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Doe Deere : CEO and Founder of Lime Crime Products


Many people know Doe Deere as the CEO and founder of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a line of products which is for those ladies who love to experiment with bold coloured makeup. The cosmetic line is doing well and Doe Deere is regarded as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. However, not everyone knows the story behind Doe Deere as an individual.

Doe was born in Russia. She, however, moved to the United States of America with her family when she was young. She was raised in the United States, where she developed her passion for makeup and fashion in general. While most people associate Doe with fashion and cosmetics, she was never a fashion or makeup enthusiast as a young girl. However, when she grew a bit older, in her twenties, she started to experiment and post makeup tutorials on the internet.
Growing up in New York was fun for Doe. It was while she was growing up that she realised that she could make money selling clothes on Ebay. She, however, could not find any colourful makeup and beauty products to help complement as well as market her clothes online. This was when she decided to come up with her own line of products so a to remedy the situation. This was exactly how Doe Deere established Lime Crime.
Lime Crime was officially launched in 2008. Doe was elated that she could provide the fashion industry with makeup options which they had not seen before. She launched the Unicorn Lipsticks first and they sold really well. In 2012, she launched the Velventine which are revered for having been the first entrants into the world of matte lipstick choices. All the products that followed were made to conform to the vegetarian standards, though they were already so since the launch of the company in 2008.
The company has grown and even provides customers with eye makeup solutions as well as other beauty products. Doe calls her customers unicorns and she says that they give her the inspiration to create beauty products that are of high quality. While she oversees the products manufacture and processing, she ensures that they meet all the quality standards necessary and that people appreciate what they get for their money. It is this passion and zeal to achieve dreams that may look hard to achieve which make Doe Deere and inspiration to many.


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