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Doe Deere Fuses Personal Style and Cosmetics

Doe Deere is the person that people are talking about when it comes to creative cosmetics. She has put her own unique spin on the cosmetics world. People are loving what she is doing, and there is a lot of fanfare surrounding the way that she interacts with her consumer-based. Doe Deere has proven herself to be a person that knows the market quite well, and this is the reason that she wanted to change it. She has been watching cosmetics and the way it has evolved over the last decade. She has noticed along with so many of her customers that there has not been a lot of change. It has not evolved much, and most companies appear to be doing the same old thing. Doe Deere wanted to do something that would separate her from the bunch, and it certainly appears that her love for colors and all things bizarre would be just the thing that she needed to make herself stand out with Lime Crime. Doe Deere has evidently become a leader in the cosmetics industry because she has gone against the grain.

Everyone does not always get the fans to rally behind them when they go against the grain. Many people that go against what the mainstream is offering will become overshadowed, but Doe Deere had a knack for business and a great way to market her company.

She introduced people to what was called cruelty free products and she stimulated a lot of conversation about cosmetics and the way the animals were used for testing. Before this the average person may have never even given any thought to how animals were utilized when it came to testing products. Doe Deere raised eyebrows to this, and she also made people aware of her brand at the same time. This was a great part of her marketing campaign, and the cruelty free label is still something that is still part of marketing when it comes to her product line (
). Doe Deere has certainly made people aware of how she is evolving, and people are going to really embrace what she is doing because she is a daredevil. She is not afraid to think outside of the box or go to new limits with the products that she is creating today.

Doe Deere has certainly made herself a person that other people can look up to. She has been able to create the type of diversity in cosmetics that people have been waiting for. She knows how to create a great level of style in her personal life, and her cosmetics is simply an extension of her clothing style. Many people that look at the colors for her brand of lipstick will also check out videos where she tells people about different style choices as she puts on makeup from her Lime Crime connection. Doe Deere has managed to touch her consumers in a lot of ways, and people follow her on social media to duplicate her style.

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