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Doe Deere Lime Crime CEO Breaks Style Rules with Passion

Doe Deere is a Russian born NYC raised young entrepreneur with a passion for color and style. She is the CEO of her makeup company called Lime Crime and she started out on humble ground but really shines now successfully because she has a passionate mission. She believes in the breaking of the rules of convention and what we’ve been taught about makeup and fashion and what you should or should not do.

Lime Crime Article in Bustle

According to the article in Bustle Doe Deere is working hard to break the rules on behalf of women everywhere. She’s not the kind of gal that you can tell not to wear a certain color or style with something outrageous and get away with it. Here we are recapping some of the rules she’s encouraging young women to break.

Don’t wear Bold with Bold

What? No way no bold eye with a bold lip. We tend to agree with Doe that these are the two features that you really want to make pop. So, she says go for what does exactly that and toss that rule book out of the way!

Don’t mix more than say one color or two

Again.. what? Wait till you see that article in Bustle. Not only does she break the rule; Doe Deere obliterates it. It’s not to show herself off at all. She does it as a pioneering woman for all you daring gals.

Don’t mix patterns

Oh, really? But whatever will she do with all the plaids and stripes she owns? Wear them proudly, and so should you according to Doe ?

Socks with open toe heels a no-no

A no-no–not to Doe-Doe our Deere in plaid heels, pink socks and open toe sling backs!

Now what about that hair?

Don’t wear anything but neutrals or black with unnaturally colored hair. But what will she do with her entire wardrobe? Wear it all! With pink and blue locks all week long!

But you’r over age_________!!!

So, says Deere. Her own mother used to aggravate her when she spoke of things she “couldn’t wear” but that ended quick. Doe believes strictly that if you feel good in it then you should wear it.. period. There is no argument that it is not a matter of any random number to restrict you.

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