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Doe Deere: The Birth of Lime Crime

As Lime Crime continues to anchor success, many people wonder who exactly is behind the brand. Pushing original products created with vibrant colors, the personality behind the company is just as colorful and bold as the products it sell.

Doe Deere is noted as the creative face and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. Once a small DIY segment on an Ebay channel, Lime Crime has since become one of the leading brands on the internet and social media sites.

The creation of the company is seen as inevitable. Initially Doe was searching for something compatible with her personality. Playful and fun colors to match her mood. After searching tirelessly and coming up empty handed, she decided to create her own brand. Doe Deere birthed Lime Crime in 2008 after struggling to find unique colors to create the designs she loved. Although her love for color and design predates that. Doe Deere took a leap of faith and created the innovative brand we know today.

Following her true gut instincts, Doe fostered Lime Crime. Although her journey has not been easy, she maintains her instincts have guided her down the right path.

Lime Crime was victim of cyber hacking in 2014. Internet criminals breached the security of the company and stole valuable customer information. Doe Deere was completely helpless in the situation. Although, she could’ve done nothing about the chain of events, she still felt some level of responsibility.

Together with loyal customers and a supportive staffing team, Doe Deere put several variables in place to ensure that it didn’t happen again. Call centers and customer care teams were created to strengthen communication and resolve the issues. Lime Crime has since overcome the hurdles of the past.

Inspired and supported by her former rock band mate and husband, Mark, Doe is prepared to grow Lime Crime in any direction consumers will allow. Along side Doe, Mark serves as a driving force behind Lime Crime. He is not only the President of the company but an influential component as well. Mark uses his sheer intelligence and witty intuition to help propel the company.

Understanding the many facets of being an entrepreneur, Doe Deere gives advice to new hopefuls. When time permits, she helps other female owned businesses. She speaks on the importance of finding your voice in your company. She also urges female entrepreneurs to follow their ambition.

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