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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Backstory and Educational Background

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, a fount of knowledge in the realm of emergency medicine, plays a vital role at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital. Though his career began six years ago, Forsthoefel, much like any budding healthcare physician, underwent a grueling schooling process before assuming the title he now holds. Forsthoefel’s collegiate studies transpired at the Louisiana State School Of Medicine. Some years later, Forsthoefel earned both his degree and graduate medical training from this top-tier establishment. Now duly equipped to handle doctor-related affairs, Forsthoefel began his illustrious career as a credentialed doctor.


Speaking of credentials, Forsthoefel earned all of his from the American Board of Emergency Medicine. More specifically, they granted him with a certification in emergency medicine. Having obtained both his Florida and Louisiana medical licenses, Forsthoefel had a world of opportunities at his fingertips. Shortly after completing school, Forsthoefel uprooted his life in Louisiana and relocated to the Sunshine State. Upon his arrival, a position as an ER doctor awaited his approval. No doubt an offer he couldn’t refuse, Dr. Forsthoefel leaped at the opportunity, becoming an emergency care specialist for the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital.


Much with any profession, there will always be a group of naysayers who dispute your expertise and sully your name. While Forsthoefel is no stranger to this unfavorable, albeit inevitable, reality, he’s also received an outpouring of adoration and gratitude from other patients. One such patient raved about Forsthoefel’s profound concern for their well-being during the ill-fated flu season. What’s more, they state that Forsthoefel was both “patient and helpful,” fielding questions while keeping their unease in check. The makings of a competent doctor indeed, Dr. Forsthoefel undoubtedly earned the affections of this patient.


In the years he’s been serving patients, Forsthoefel’s undergone a wide variety of experiences. So much so, in fact, that it’s hardened him to the unpleasantries and extremities of his occupation. Dr. Forsthoefel continues to make great strides in his career, helping and cooperating with other doctors in addition to being a critical component of TMH’s operations. Though Forsthoefel only has six years of experience under his belt, his career is forecasted to be long-lived.