Drink Coffee: Live Longer?

If you were 18% more likely to win the lottery, wouldn’t you play? What if your car got 18% more gas mileage to the gallon? That number might not seem like much, however, one common habit might decrease the risk of mortality – death – by 18%!

Recent studies show an up to 18% decrease in the risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke in daily coffee drinkers. The chances of diabetes and kidney disease also tend to be significantly lower, especially in those who drink coffee containing Ganoderma, such as Organo Gold.

One study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine examined nearly 200,000 Americans. People of different backgrounds, African-American, Japanese-American, Latino and white, recorded and updated their coffee drinking habits every five years, over a course of 16 years total. The European equivalent survey analyzed almost 600,000 people, scattered across 10 different countries. The results were always the same.

Those subjects who drank several cups of coffee per day exhibited a lower risk of death. Scientists claim that two or three cups of coffee, every day, over an extensive time-span, could result in an 18% decrease in the chances of dying to various ailments.

Whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, coffee as a health benefit has been long debated; this isn’t the first headline enthusiasts have read, promoting coffee for good health. Many companies, in fact, have decided to capitalize on the supposed “trend,” implementing natural, organic and overall healthier ingredients into each blend.

Ahead of the curve is Organo Gold.

Organo is originally a global marketing network, on a big mission to change the world via their choice products and lucrative business opportunities. Most of the products offered by Organo Gold contain Ganoderma, a mushroom with proven anticancer, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and immunoregulatory effects. Organo’s organic King of Coffee is enriched with Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, which gives off a hint of smooth flavor. In addition to coffee, lattes, mochas and cocoa, Organ Gold features an ample variety of Ganoderma infused teas, as well.

Not only is Organo Gold dedicated to the “freedom, balance and well-being” of your body, but also your community and others like it around the globe. The Napolean Hill Foundation keeps an exclusive collaborative relationship with Organ Gold. Organo also sponsors the OG Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides the youth with productive and developmental opportunities. The organization engages with communities to initiate a positive change for generations to come.

If you were given an 18% chance to live a longer life, wouldn’t you take it? Regular coffee drinkers are showing traits associated with longer life, by reducing the risk of death. Furthermore, most, if not every popular name in coffee has picked up on the trend. Organo Gold, for instance, has infused their naturally healthy coffee with Ganoderma, a tropical mushroom with known medical benefits. Along with reducing the chances of diabetes and kidney disease, the Ganoderma seems to smoothen the bold taste of Organo’s Gourmet Black Coffee, in particular.

Has Coffee Been Proven to Increase Life Expectancy?

The history of coffee has long been entwined with discoveries in modern health. In subjects of both aforementioned case-studies, other habits were taken into account, such as smoking cigarettes and so on.

Despite varying lifestyle choices, the results remained consistent enough, throughout, to determine an 18% decrease in the chances of developing cancer, heart disease or stroke. While coffee containing healthier blends, like Organo Gold’s Ganoderma infused roasts, may further lessen the risk, 18% is enough to justify brewing up at least one pot.

If enjoying an occasional cup of Joe can give you an 18% chance to live a longer life, why wouldn’t you grab a cup of Organo Gold?

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