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Edisoft – Your Big Data Solution to Improving Supply Chain Performance

To stay ahead of the competition nowadays determines that you account for every aspect of your supply chain, among other factors. In the recent past, the much that suppliers did was to measure on-time performance – the time it takes to ship goods. However, technology has opened up a dynamic range of factors that are key performance indicators, and getting left behind may mean inefficiency.


A Wide Spectrum


Key performance indicators nowadays range across financial, physical, and regulatory factors. Several factors have made it easier to keep track of supply chain performance.

For starters, mobile solutions have brought global trading partners closer and made it easier to share information – in fact, they have boosted trade. Additionally, real-time tracking by GPS has made it possible to monitor virtually every movement of shipments ( Finally, the Internet of Things (IoT) has improved technology and with it the efficiency of your shipment’s IT solutions.

So, what does this mean for your supply chain? For starters, it improves efficiency and, consequently, customer satisfaction and hence a base of loyal customers. It also saves money as it highlights wastages that you can then eliminate. Most importantly, however, it keeps you on top of the competition as many supply chains are adopting the latest technology solutions.


Edisoft – A One-Stop Solution


Edisoft works with supply chains to boost performance through a variety of its software and services (Twitter). It offers out-of-the-box ERP integrated warehouse automation, and ERP integrated EDI services. It also provides conventional Shipping Automation Services.

ERP Integrated EDI offers flexible options for sending and receiving EDI files using various types of VAN FTP, and Direct AS2 connections.

ERP Integrated Shipping Automation Services automates various aspects of the shipping process. It covers simple aspects such as delivering and picking shipments and packing to complex factors such as networking with thousands of single shipments.

Edisoft’s software is flexible and easy to install and use. Its software products include Merchant QuikPAK, Merchant XChange, and Merchant. It also offers multiple software connectors for Bin Tracking to Shipping. It serves clients worldwide and is headquartered in the U.S. and Canada.


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