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Evolution of Smooth Bringing Happy Back To Healthy

When it comes to beauty care and cosmetics everyone has their own personal preferences. The color, texture, and ingredients all have to be right to order to satisfy. Sometimes, with certain beauty products people are left to choose between the lesser of two evils. Maybe one product has more chemicals is it than the other, or the taste of the lip balm is a little less fake than the other.
Fortunately there is a great product that everyone needs, and everyone can agree that they love. Evolution of Smooth makes lip balm products that are healthy for the skin, healthy for the body, and extremely pleasant to use. These lip balms contain only natural and organic ingredients that are also moisturizing and nourishing for the skin. Everyone needs a lip balm to prevent chapped lips and this product truly delivers.

Evolution of Smooth can be trusted to deliver a taste and smell that is as close to the real thing as possible. EOS products do not smell or taste plastic, or like a chemical version of the truth. Orange flavor smells and tastes just like an orange, while vanilla mint is the soothing combination of a spearmint leaf and a vanilla bean. The all natural ingredients derived from the natural sources are the reason behind this awesome sensory experience.

EOS balms are not hard to find, they are the confetti dots in the lip balm aisle, the bright spheres [om Ulta] of color looking distinctly different than your standard tube of chap stick. Find your favorite flavor by locating the color pod that coordinates. If you like strawberry, look for the pink pod. EOS can be trusted to make lip balm shopping fun and easy, the application of lip balm pleasurable, and they can be trusted to put your healthy first. For more info, check out the EOS Facebook page.

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