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Flavio Maluf Supports Sustainability and Worthy Social Causes

In his capacity as CEO and President of the Euxcatex Group—one of Brazil’s largest producers of doors, floors, doors, MDP and MDF panels, wood fiber sheets, partitions, and paints and varnishes– Flavio Maluf has not only espoused sustainability and a variety of different social causes, but he has also actively taken actions to further them. Flavio Maluf has established an Environmental Education Program, developed an Apiculture program, and made substantial efforts to combat forest fires. View

Flavio Maluf established an Environmental Education Program called “Casa da Natureza” to inform people as to how important it is to preserve the environment, how important it is to correctly manage the forest, and how important it is to use eucalyptus as a raw material in the production of various forest-based products. Eucatex also dispatches its specialists to the neighboring areas around their farms for the purpose of engaging in dialogue with their neighbors concerning the possible impacts stemming from forest operations and carrying out socioeconomic diagnoses. The ultimate goal of the project is to devise courses of actions that will result in an increased quality of life and well-being for the region.

To generate jobs and income for families, Eucatex established an Apiculture program. The program provides apiculture pasture to beekeepers so that they can produce honey. In addition, jobs are created by the increased exploration of the flowering of the eucalyptus in Eucatex’s forests. The forestry unit of Eucatex alone generates roughly one thousand jobs as well as indirectly generating jobs in various sectors, such as the hospitality and services sectors. To prevent forests fires, Eucatex constructs firebreaks to prevent fire from passing into the vegetation areas. The company has also increased the community’s and its employees’ awareness of forest fires, established rotating rounds to detect and locate fires, and created a line for the purpose of communicating possible fires.

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