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George Soros: A Political Fighter For The Sake Of Mankind

George Soros, the entrepreneur cum investor, philanthropist, and activist, is known for bold opinions and always thinks about the general perceptibility of the mankind. George Soros is an active propagator of the various social and cultural harmony initiatives including campaigns against hate speech, hate crimes, racial attacks, etc. He believes that the community is built in various diversities and its ability to hold everyone should be the characteristic feature of a progressive society on businessinsider.com. Due to this reason, he actively campaigned against the hate crimes that reported during the U.S. Presidential election week.

George Soros is a strong critic of Donald Trump and his policies. He considers that deep divisions in the society are a long-term wound that can create severe after effects. For this reason, he publically endorsed Hillary Clinton to the Presidential post and actively endorsed her. He differs on the stands of Trump in immigration, closed market concept, climate change, Environmental issues, etc. He pointed out that many of the Trump’s views are contradictory on opensocietyfoundations.org and hence he would fail. As a man who saw the holocaust of World War 2, he can’t have a different stand apart from uniting the people and working for a better tomorrow by addressing various environmental and climate challenges.

Immediately after the victory of Donald Trump, he joined with other liberal funders to resist Trump. It was also to resist the assault on the Obama’s actions on discoverthenetworks.org and achievements that worked in favor of integrating different communities and bringing them into the mainstream. They have also discussed to bring back the support of working class to Democratic Party as a large number of working class this time voted for Trump. Soros and the other liberal funders have discussed the various strategies to protect the open society concept of U.S. under Trump administration. Soros is not only in U.S. but across the world, an active promoter of Open societies.

Not only against Donald Trump, but he has also actively funded against whoever found against open societies. He is also a proponent of political, moral values. He campaigned and spent to defeat local prosecutors who were supporting criminal justice reform measures. The reform on Politico is not found to be visionary and only thinks in the cost-benefit analysis perspective. Also, the suggestion to make low-level drug cases to be removed from the mandatory minimum sentencing is not meeting the need of the society. It should be noted that the crimes and harassment associated with drug abuse are not at all addressed in the reform.

George Soros has contributed $2 million to defeat Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff in Arizona. Arpaio is an opponent of immigration, and he also received the contempt of court for violating the court order to halt the discriminatory practices in policing. Michael Vachon, a Soros spokesperson, said that Arpaio is a stain on the justice system and he is frequently violating civil rights. The campaign against the people who are disintegrating the great values of unity and diversity, making Soros a man with deep thoughts and concerns about the humankind, and that is making him different.

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