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George Soros’ Generosity and Philanthropy For the Creation of a Better Society

George Soros is a billionaire. In the wake of the Ferguson protests, he is the man who was financing and mobilizing the various activist groups across the U.S. Mr. Soros donated at least $33 million in one year to various established activist groups. These are the figures from the recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundation. The incident, which grabbed national media coverage, was about the importance of equal rights to people of all colors. It turned to a 24- hour movement that called for justice and ending of racial killings.

Mr. Kenneth Zimmerman, who is the director of Open Society Foundations, said that it is in the DNA to believe that people should participate in government. The fact is indispensable if people hope to live in an entirely democratic society. Zimmerman made it clear that helping various committees to combine policy, research and collection of data with community organizing, is the way society becomes more responsible and accountable for their actions. He discussed the issue in a recent interview with The Washington Times.

With the backing of Mr. Soros, funding “Black Lives Matter became more than a hashtag. It grew into a social media phenomenon. Mr. Soros has been donating to these kinds of groups since the early 90’s through the Open Society Foundation. Soros, who is a proud Democrat has given money to several campaigns to help the Democratic Party; he donated funds to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes.

Mr. Soros has been quiet on the political front in recent years. At 85 years old, he had planned to attend his first Democratic presidential convention. He, however, couldn’t make it as he had recently resumed trading and needed to watch the markets. Mr. Soros has spent his life fighting for the rights of the common man. He felt that if Trump took office, he would be hostile to a lot of the issues. George Soros has always been a firm supporter of immigration reform, criminal justice, and religious tolerance. These are matters that have been ignored in the past, and he feels that Trump might do the same.

Many see George Soros as one of the most influential as he was able to catalyze other wealthy activists to donate to the Democratic campaign. The help made it possible for Clinton to build a massive financial advantage over Trump who is not trusted by the GOP donors. George has had a hand in funding many of the Democratic Party causes. His relationship with Clinton which goes back 25 years. George Soros political giving is unprecedented, and he had gone on a spending spree to help Clinton and the Democratic Party win the elections. He felt that a Clinton Win would be best not only for the party but the country as well.

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