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Greg Secker, Business Icon in the Forex Trading World

Greg Secker is popularly known as the English businessman. He is a holder of a degree in Agricultural and food sciences from Nottingham University. Greg started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a technologist in trading. He made a significant move of developing a system that helps Foreign exchange trading. In 1998 Greg created Virtual Trading Desk, a platform used for online Forex trading. At Melton Financial Corporation he became the vice president, this saw him gain experience from other traders. He quit becoming a full-time trader in the Forex Bureau.

Greg Secker set up a trading floor in his house where he trained people about the trading methods. He set up the Knowledge in Action Group. The group grew to a company, and they started setting up seminars nationally and internationally in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Ghana and Philippines among others. The group focuses on business innovation and growth. Greg is also a speaker and has spoken in platforms like National Achievers Congress held in 2011.He is also a founder of the Global Summit in South Africa.

Greg Secker has also received recognition and awards. He received recognition from National CSR as an Outstanding Leader in the corporate world at Learn to Trade. At National Business wards, under the Knowledge in action Group Greg won the regional growth and innovation award due to the growth of their company attendance. He led to the formation of Learn to Trade Foundation which educates people on trading through organizing workshops and seminars.

Greg Secker in a recent interview said that he got his inspiration from concluding that people are active in trading, but they did not have the education hence he starting this training business. In the trading industry, one can make a turnover even after six months and can reinvest profits in other projects. He attributes his success from family and friends and business partners. He also learns from other people especially from the public seminars he attends. Jim also said that he believes that one has no limits and should give a try of something.

Despite his accomplishments, he believes in giving back to the society. He has a foundation called Greg Secker Foundation that began operating in 2010 that focuses on positively improving the life of the people. The organization partners with youth programs to provide education, leadership training and impact children with life skills. He is part of ambassador board membership at City Philanthropy. He has therefore received recognition as one of the most influential and social; philanthropists 2017. He is, therefore, an entrepreneur to watch.


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