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How Beneful Dog Food Provides Quality Nutrition

Beneful dog food is a product created by the Nestle Purina Petcare Company. Beneful provides quality nutrition to dogs and puppies in plenty of varieties from traditional dry nuggets, wet canned food, and tasty pup treats.

Beneful means full of goodness, and it provides nutritional goodness by only using quality ingredients. The Original Beneful with Real Beef is made with farm-raised cattle and mixed with vegetables and topped off with whole grains. It provides 100% complete, well-rounded nutrition.

The employees at Nestle Purina play a big role in ensuring the quality of Beneful also. Manager of Technical Operations, Kevin, was raised on a farm and has first hand knowledge of fresh ingredients and the process of selecting high end products.

Nestlé Purina, their employees, and suppliers all work together, proudly, to make sure Beneful is full of goodness. To watch video click here.

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