How Malcolm CasSelle has transformed online gamer videos

Malcolm CasSelle, the president of World Asset eXchange (WAX) and CIO of OPSkins is an entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University. He fluently speaks in two languages, Japanese and Mandarin. Malcolm previously was the President and CTO at tronc formerly Tribune Publishing where he was the overseer of rapid growth properties leveraging digital assets. Preceding tronc, he was the general manager and senior vice president of Digital Media of SeaChange International and as part of his job become the CEO of Timeline Labs that ensured engagement in display and measure based on social signalling. He was also in the forefront in the establishment of digital industries among them the Media Pass which leads in online subscription solution to major media companies, Xfire responsible for game video players globally and the Groupons which had merged with Tencent in China.

Malcolm had also served in managing private direct investments at Capital Union Investments based in Hong Kong. Through his passion for entrepreneurship, he ventured into companies like Facebook and Zynga and of recent the Bitcoin-related companies where he is the mentor. As part of his career, Casselle was the co-founder of Pacific Century CyberWorks(PCCW) based in Hong Kong that provided telco services which is up to date at a value of more than 35 billion USD. Malcolm has all through been responsible for building teams, companies and products with passion in bitcoin, gaming, e-commerce and technology plays. He is currently the CEO of Wax which is a platform that helps individuals operate with zero investment in security, infrastructure and payment processing. It serves to collect, buy and sell in-game items to over 400 million people.

Malcolm Casselle has recently contributed the introduction of Wax Token to serve the audience of block-chain based digital money. However, this Wax will affect the skins trading market. These Wax Tokens and the Wax Platform has contributed to the adoption of cryptocurrency among online video gamers. For the large and growing market Wax Token will bring real utility since it is designed to expand the established $50 billion skin trading market as it is concerned in buying and selling virtue items. Skins and cryptocurrencies have things in common in the market for price changes, and this cryptocurrency will eventually accommodate online gamers globally.


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