How To Plan An Event For All Ages

Birthday parties, anniversary parties and even weddings are events all ages can enjoy. It is important to ensure your guests are not restless or bored during your event. This is why you want to host an event that is suitable for both children and adults.


There are many event planning companies in NYC that are ready to help you plan your all ages event. Twenty Three Layers is a company located in the heart of New York, and the team has years of combined experience in event planning. You can find events such as birthday parties, glamorous weddings and corporate parties on their resume.


The following tips come from another professional party planner, and they are designed to help you plan a family-friendly event.


Family-Friendly Themes: You can narrow down your supplies and decorations by choosing a theme that is suitable for the whole family. You may want to throw an art inspired birthday party with a range of colors, or maybe you want to host a beach inspired wedding with sand and seashells.


Appetizers For All: Children and adults do not always like the same food, so you want to offer a variety of appetizers to appeal to everyone. Your appetizers may include cherry tomatoes and basil, cornmeal popovers and sweet potato and chorizo sausage bites. Your appetizers for children may include mini corn dog muffins, double cranberry crostini and feta olive toast.


A Place For Kids: You should also set up several tables designated to your younger guests. You can cover one table with butcher paper and let kids decorate it with crayons, and you can set up another table with different art projects. You can even use a cupcake tower to create a centerpiece of baked treats.


Twenty Three Layers is among the best even planners in NYC. The company offers a range of services for every event, such as selecting the venue, building a menu and creating flyers. The team works with you to ensure you are satisfied with your event.


You can get started on planning your family-friendly event by checking out personal or corporate event planners in NYC.

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