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How To Protect And Fight Back Against An Online Repuation Attack

According to Chris Silver Smith, if you have any public presence or personality you should seriously consider setting up your own personal online page. Ideally, says Smith, you should set up a domain that has your official name. So for example, if your name is Aliza Powatkin, you should set up a domain such as By registering you are taking a crucial first step to protecting your online reputation.

Why can registering and setting up can prove to be so crucial? Speaking from firsthand experience, Chris Silver Smith says he had a jealous colleague attack his reputation and tarnish his name. This was done by putting negative and false information on To Chris’ horror he discovered the site when surfing the web. Chris managed to pull the site down and take control of his domain name, but damage was already done.

So take Chris’ advice. Register your name as a website, preferable the .com version if its available. If that is not available or too expensive you can go for .net., org and a host of other variations. Lesser known domains include .biz, .us, .tel., me, and even .ceo. For maximum online reputation protection set up sites with your name on different registers. Then customize each one and link to a professional page such as LinkedIn or a resume that you have constructed online. By customizing, Chris means that you optimize each page to rank high for your name. You should also highlight positive information, accomplishments and data that you want people to know. says you could also try a geographic variation. For example, try yournameNYC if you live in New York City or yourname in Raleigh, if you live in Raleigh, North Carolina. There are professional domain names that you should be aware of. Examples include .lawyer, .actor, .dentist, .bank, .accountant and numerous others. This can be an excellent way to highlight your services as well as strengthen your reputation. If you can get rid of two birds with one stone, then this is great. Another word of advice is, if you use a nickname that you popularly go by, you should use it in a domain and on the web.


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