How To Throw The Perfect Party According To Professional Party Planners

If you are planning an upcoming party, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit stressed out. Parties have lots of moving parts that need to work together seamlessly and they require lots of organization, creativity, money and time.


The good news is that we are here to help. We’ve asked a few professional event planners in NYC for expert tips about throwing the perfect party. These tips will ensure that your guests have a memorable experience and that you will be the party host of the century.



  1. Stay Organized


Even if you’re just hosting a small dinner party, it’s important to get organized from day one. By using spreadsheets, you can keep track of your budget, your shopping lists and your guests. Professional party planners use several spreadsheets to ensure that they don’t miss a single detail.



  1. Come Up with a Theme


Get festive and create a special theme for you and your guests to enjoy. Be sure to keep this theme in mind when you’re selecting your menu, your decor and your music. Don’t forget to dress the part as well!



  1. Create a Signature Drink


A bit of booze can help even the shyest guests loosen up. In addition to serving the party standards like beer, wine and liquor, come up with a creative cocktail that reflects your personality.



  1. Send Out Real Invitations


Instead of telling guests about your party through email, send out paper invitations to add a touch of class to the affair. Get creative with the stationary and use your invitations to set the tone for your upcoming party.



  1. Consider Hiring a Planner


If you want to play host without worrying about the food, the decor and the planning details, go with a professional party planner. If you want a full-service event planning company in NYC, check out Twenty Three Layers. This company can handle parties of any size and style and can provide every service under the sun including photography, entertainment and decor.



  1. Take a Deep Breath


During your party, you should be relaxed and calm. That’s why it’s important to take an hour or two before your party to do something relaxing that will help you unwind. That way, when your guests begin to arrive, you’ll be able to enjoy your party without feeling exhausted.


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