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InnovaCare Health welcomes three new executives including Penelope Kokkinides

The CEO of Puerto Rico’s largest government-sponsored managed health care plans provider, InnovaCare Health, Rico Shinto recently shared that his organization was hiring three new executives. He stated that the organization was on a mission to expand its customer base and better health care in the country. Therefore, the contributions of the three new executives would play a significant role in achieving this mission. He pointed out that his organization was happy to have such great persons at its disposal. Dr. Shinto went ahead to clarify that he will be working closely with all the three executives to drive the organization to even greater successes.

The InnovaCare success

Today, InnovaCare Health is the biggest provider of medical plans to the residents of Puerto Rico. This organization’s health plans cover over 200,000 Puerto Ricans. InnovaCare works closely with over 7,500 health care facilities in the region to provide top-notch health care services under the medical plans. The organization runs PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare medical plans both of which are Puerto Rico’s only NCQA- accredited medical plans. Rick Shinto hopes that through the new hires, the organization will be able to come up with successful strategies to get the rest of the population in the island who don’t have medical plans to join them.

The new executives


Jonathan Meyers – The CEO of InnovaCare Health announced that Jonathan Meyers would be joining the organization as the Chief Actuary Officer. Meyers worked at New Jersey-based Horizon BCBS as the Director of Actuary Services before his appointment. He has also worked with New York-based Heritage Medical Sytems as the Vice President of Managed Care and Chief Financial Officer.

Penelope Kokkinides – Kokkinides is the gem of the new appointees. She has a lot of first-hand experience working with government-sponsored medical programs especially Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, she is well versed with the process of developing and implementing managed health care clinical programs. During her career, she has been dedicated to improving organizational structures to promote efficiency. She has previously worked with Touchstone Health, Centerlight HealthCare, and AmeriChoice.


Mike Sortino – Mike was appointed to the position of Chief Accounting Officer. He has a little over two decades of experience working with reinsurance and insurance industries and over five years working in the public accounting sector. He worked as the Controller at Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company and as Chief Accounting Officer at HCC Specialty before he was picked for the InnovaCare Health job.