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Inspirational Story of Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia

Marc Beer has been working in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostic and devices for more than 20 years. This means he has the required experience in the development and commercialization of these products. In August 2016, he partnered with two other investors, Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie to build Renovia. The three have succeeded to fund some of the leading healthcare venture companies.


Beer has a vast experience in the healthcare sector, and before establishing Renovia, he served as the CEO of another pharmaceutical firm. The firm specializes in the development of modern and improved treatment therapies for its customers in the whole world. They mostly focus on assisting patients with rare and debilitating diseases.


Beer was a prominent leader, and due to his hard work, his company attained the public status. The first product from the firm was accepted by the body that regulates food and drugs in the country known as the United States Food and Drugs Administration. This took place in December 2012, and the product as named as JUXTAPID. Under Marc’s governorship, the company made a significant milestone when it was approved in over 35 nations across the world. This was a great step towards the attainment of the firm’s objectives and also the excellent marketing approaches used during his tenure. The other product was known as MYALEPT, and it was the second product to be accepted in the country. The product was approved as the best cure for a rare disease known as Lipodystrophy.


Marc Beer also served as the founding manager of ViaCell until April 2010. This is a biotech firm that focused on the preservation, collection, and creation of the umbilical cords blood cell. He managed to lead the firm for seven years where he achieved tremendous success in his profession. The firm went public in 2005, and they hired over 300 workers. In 2007, PerkinElmer signed a deal to purchase the company.


While working as the chief executive officer of ViaCell, Marc had an opportunity to serve as an active member of the board of directors of Erynteck Pharma. The firm had already changed to a public limited company that specialized in the biopharmaceutical industry. Before start working at ViaCell, the business expert served at Genzyme where he worked at different posts at the firm. He served as the deputy president of Global Marketing, and this was the last and topmost job. Learn more:


Beer also worked at the top positions in the sales and marketing department of Abbott Laboratories. He was a board member in the Massachusetts Common Wealth. Furthermore, Mark Beer assisted the Good Start Genetics as the chairperson of the board and also working at the compensation committee of the firm.


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