Learn about the two patented inventions of Dr. Saad Saad

Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon from New Jersey. His is one of the highly successfully disciplined medical practitioners. He has served in the medical industry for over 40 years. In this period, he has assisted thousands of children and young adults in solving complex medical conditions. As a surgeon, his priority has always been to offer medical services that will serve the needs of his patients in the right manner. He is interested in offering them services that they will be proud of and help them live a life free of medical problems. Medical problems can be a hindrance in many ways. A sick person cannot even work and so, the role of the doctors when dealing with such conditions is a factor that needs to be considered.




Saad Saad has been in practice for the past 40 years. This period is enough for him to have learned almost everything there is in the field of pediatric surgery. His experience from conducting thousands of surgeries makes him one of the influential practitioners in this field. He has used his experience to find solutions to the challenges that face the people. He has been keen on developing treatment methods that will address the concerns of the patients. He wants the best treatment such that risks of pain or death can be as minimal as possible. Dr. Saad is responsible for many treatment methods that are used today. He has been involved in developing these methods especially in the pediatric surgery so that not only the patients can benefit but also for the doctors to feel comfortable while conducting treatment procedures.




Saad Saad has gone an extra step of coming up with patented inventionswhich address how doctors conduct operations. He has developed instruments that will make it easy for medical practitioners to conduct operations faster and effectively his two inventions have been a result of many years of hard work and commitment on improving the medical industry through innovative engineering.




The first invention of Dr. Saad is a catheter with an electromagnetic device that is used to track its position without the need for a scanning machine. There is normally a challenge when a catheter has to be traced inside the body during an emergency situation. The traditional methods of locating the catheter are either using an MRI Machine of X-ray. With the new device, scanning can be avoided.




The second invention is an endoscope with a suction system added to it. An endoscope is an optical device which is used in scrutinizing internal parts of the body. However, its functionality as Dr. Saad Saad noted is hindered by body fluids which fog up the lenses. To solve the issue, he created a suction system that absorbs fluids around the examination area. Learn more :

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