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Lime Crime’s New Beauty Products are Already Creating Buzz


Lime Crime is known for its vibrant color selections, especially when it comes to lip glosses and eye shadows. Consumers who are looking for lipsticks or eye makeup in shocking shades of green, sultry black hues or variations of purple or orange can definitely find what they’re looking for on the Lime Crime website. Now, the company is introducing its Diamond Crushers lip color collection. The collection features three new shades: Cleopatra, a rose gold hue; Acid Fairy, a hologram color; and Black Unicorn, a shimmering black color.


Diamond Crushers are especially shiny and attention-getting, and can be used alone or on top of lipstick. The product also keeps the lips moisturized for ours at a time, and is formulated to be smudge-free. Diamond Crushers will be available for $19 a piece, or sold in a set of three for $40.


In addition to the Diamond Crushes lip glosses, Lime Crime will also debut Unicorn hair dyes. These dyes are cruelty free and vegan, and include semi-permanent and full coverage hues. Pastel shades like pink and lavender are available, as well as light shades of green and blues. The dyes are also free of ammonia and peroxide. Just like with all of Lime Crime’s products, there are models showing off the Unicorn hair colors, so consumers will have an idea of how the dye will look.


Lime Crime hasn’t stated an official release date for the products, but the website states that these items are coming soon as of March 28.



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