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LimeCrime: The Best Vegan Makeup On the Market

Lime Crime Is Here To Stay!

By now you’ve heard of LimeCrime as a leading makeup brand to showcase your individual style! Doe Deere revolutionized the industry with high pigment materials and cute packaging to amass a large following of fans.

What you may not know is the cruelty free tactics of Lime Crime to make this brand so pure and unique. The results are fantastic and work with your conscious lifestyle. The vegan appeal has contributed to the brand’s success and continues to impress customers to this day.

What Can I Expect from LimeCrime Products?

Venus XL Palette

The upcoming Venus XL Palette is a whirlwind of color with eye-catching shadows to help yo look your best. This whimsical palette features matte and glossy finishes for a look all your own. What’s even better is the vegan process to make a fabulous gift and addition to your makeup collection.

Unicorn Hair Dye

This semi-permanent hair dye turns your look to the wow factor. Available in many colorful shades, this vegan product is easy to apply when you want a splash of color to make you look and feel great.

Other Popular Products

LimeCrime prides itself on all-natural products that will help your skin. With bold lipsticks, eye makeup, and skin care items, Lime Crime reigns supreme as a vegan makeup brand.

Experience Make Up With a Dedication to Self Care

Lime Crime is a leading beauty brand with cruelty free ingredients for the woman who prefers their makeup without any hassle. This brand has no ingredients derived fro animals and never tests on critters for a full experience.

With certification and a stunning array of reviews, Lime Crime has been recognized by vegan fans and even PETA! If you’re looking for high quality makeup and a new look, Lime Crime does the job for you.

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