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Logan Stout : Why We Need Personalized Nutrition

Personalized nutrition, what is it and why do we need it? Personalized nutrition is focused in each body’s nutritional weaknesses, such as being deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, and strength, such as athletic and replenishing needs. IDLife is a completely radical, modern approach to beat the one size fits all, old school way of digesting vitamins.

Everyone eats different foods, has different DNA and genetic factors to deal with. Every individual has different fitness levels, varying degrees of stress to deal with, and a multitude of environmental factors that should be looked at first before moving into a nutritional supplement plan. That’s what IDLife believes. Address the uniqueness of each person’s chemical and lifestyle makeup and create a personalized nutrition just for them.

Many of the vitamin and mineral supplements available today maybe vastly inappropriate for certain people with certain factors. Why waste time, money, or health on what is essentially a guessing game, when there is a targeted option available?

Logan Stout promotes this concept of nutrition. He was educated at Panola College in Texas where he received a degree in business. After Panola, Stout went on to further his education by attending the University of Dallas. There he completed Logan’s studies in Psychology.

Founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization, Logan proved his talent and passion for teaching by becoming a mentor to children who aspired in sports. It is due to his knowledge of athleticism and what it takes to support a high degree of physical activity that he became interested in nutrition. Targeted nutrition is fundamental for high performing athletes, but the average person can benefit even more by filling in the gaps that they might not be getting from food sources alone.

High-grade ingredients are key. IDLife set the standard high by requiring all ingredients to be of the highest quality and responsibly sourced. These nutritional supplement company studies medical journals to ensure the quality.

American’s health has been a topic of discussion for some time. Many suffer for diabetes, heart disease, and weight issues. Some companies seek to capitalize on the need for quick fixes, but at IDLife they can not offer the same content to everyone in good conscious. Targeted nutrition may be a key influencer in treating and preventing many of the conditions that ail the American population.

By lasering in on individual need, Logan Stout along with IDLife expect to improve people’s health and quality of life through personalized nutrition.

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