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Makeup and Beauty NewsLearn Some of the Top Beauty Trends from Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which is more commonly known as Coachella, features some of the top boho fashion and beauty trends from the current season each year on display in Indio, California. As reported in POPSUGAR, this year’s top beauty trends from Coachella will leave you wanting to mix up your own beauty routine. Some of the more popular hairstyles from Coachella include tight braids and bold pops of color through some of the strands. Another one of the popular hairstyles being flaunted at the popular festival is loose, undefined curls with shimmers of highlights and low lights.

Wengie, a famous Australian beauty blogger and YouTube personality, is inspiring her followers to try out some of these trendy styles from Coachella for themselves. On Wengie’s site, followers can find videos of hair tutorials galore, which feature bright pops of color and cutting-edge braids like the ones on display this year at Coachella. Wengie has a real talent for walking her viewers through step by step with easy to understand instructions and helpful tips along the way. Wengie’s beauty website draws in an estimated 185,000 visitors each month and continues to grow in popularity. In addition, Wengie is currently the most subscribed Asian beauty channel in Australia.

Although Wengie has an Asian background, her makeup and other beauty trips are universally loved by women of all different ethnicities. Wengie has the unique talent for tailoring her looks and tutorials to a wide range of women. That said, Wengie has a particularly large following among Asian women who often have a more difficult time finding makeup and other beauty tips and tricks targeted to their particular complexion and facial structure. Wengie’s approach to beauty is extremely inclusive. What sets Wengie apart from other beauty bloggers, besides her own gorgeous look and affability, is Wengie’s ability to take current trends and make them accessible to the average person. She truly connects with her followers in encouraging them to branch out and try new things in their beauty routine while still remaining true to their authentic selves, just like Wengie has.

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