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Matt Badiali Focuses on Future Profits from Completey Legalized Cannabis

Investment guru Matt Badiali has a lot of advice to give. It is actually his job. A world traveler, Matt Badiali utilizes his expertise as a geologist to provide first-hand information on natural resource operations. He does this by going to the source in person and conducting on-site examinations. Matt Badiali is also an avid watcher of the market, and is aware of every little development that shows itself. This has not only made him a trusted source, but a key figure to watch when considering any investment. At present his focus is on Canadian cannabis, but not out of a desire to get high.

In fact the only high Matt Badiali is prospecting is the height stock will reach once Canada legalizes Marijuana. The drug has made billions just in its status as a medical treatment. Full legalization means nation-wide recreational use and investors can only image in the massive profits that will create. Stateside cannabis is still a state by state experience. True, there are a few states that allow recreational use. But most still outlaw marijuana completely. In the wake of Canada’s legalization U.S. based companies are making some investments of their own. The chief opportunity Badiali vouches for lies in an almost opposite place. The alcohol industry.

A newly developed trend in this market is cannabis-laced beverages. Alcoholic drinks that are infused with marijuana. Big companies like Coors, Heineken, and Constellation brands of already put money down on the concept. This money going to cannabis suppliers in preparation for production. This new beverage, which is hailed by many as the future of regular recreational consumption, will use Canada as a starting place to build a following. As more states in the U.S. fall in line the beverage lines would become more available here. Matt Badiali posits that his investment is one of the smartest to make, as its future implications could double or triple stocks owned. This is part of Badiali’s recommendations to stateside investors. Invest in companies that do, or will do, business with Canadian cannabis. As the market there makes money so will the stateside business.

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